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I’ve hated this woman. I’ve not loved he



Born and raised in Ketchikan Alaska, 5th Generation Alaskan and coming from a long line of photographers, and a vocal community member like her Great- Great Grandmother Harriet Hunt. Janalee appreciates her heritage of strong Alaskan Women with a strong desire to use her camera to tell a story; to capture those moments we dismiss until they are no longer available to us.

After Graduating from Ketchikan High School, Kayhi, Janalee ventured out of Alaska to Los Angeles CA where she received a Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Otis Parsons School of Design.

A bit of a footloose individual, Janalee has traveled throughout the state of Alaska, Living all over from Kotzebue Alaska to New York City. Always finding her way back to her home in Ketchikan.

In 2014 she produced a show call Look, See, and Hear.

Which spoke to the stigma people living with disabilities face daily.  She speaks on this issue from the heart after a 20-ton boulder changed her life forever in 1995.


“My work explores the relationships between the able-bodied and the disabled. Exploring the emotions felt by those living with disabilities on how society segregates and labels them. The intention of this work is to point out things able-bodied people say and do, on a daily basis that is hurtful, in a blunt uncomfortable truth.” Janalee L. Gage



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